Offloading Love in Honduras

Did you know Honduras is ranked 9th in the world (WHO) for “violent death?” When a nation is so impoverished that it doesn’t have the resources to provide sufficient protection to its citizens, especially from those trafficking in drugs, we know that the average citizen is living with dread every time they or their children leave home.

ASC Team offloading with our partner in Honduras.
So as to do its best to provide more police, the government is throwing most all of it resources in this direction. One of the dire consequences here is that there are no medicine for hospitals and doctors to help those suffering with diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

That’s why we are here.

On this trip, we are offloading tons of invaluable medicine and distributing it all to doctors who are working both in the capital and out in the most remote villages. To make sure the medicine get to these villages, the military has volunteered to help.

These are the children and mothers that need our help.
I wish you could see the faces of these doctors as they are receiving their portions of our delivery. They look like children on Christmas morning!