Delivering Medicine In El Salvador

We are so grateful that every year, with the support of our caring donors, we have the ability to provide life saving food, water and medicine to children in need across the globe. It is our mission and purpose to care for and share God’s love with children and families who cannot care for themselves. Each year we are thankful for the opportunity to provide vital medicines and medical supplies to our partners across the globe! This is an incredible program which allows us to multiply our donation dollars and expand the impact of our work around the world!


For the past several years Aid for Starving Children has had the opportunity, and privilege, to be able to donate containers filled with valuable, lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to our partners in El Salvador. Our ASC team recently traveled to the capital, San Salvador, to meet with our long trusted partners here to see first-hand the massive need for these types of goods that exists in the country; as well as the impressive network of hospitals and clinics who receive the goods we work so hard to provide!

Conducting a Medical Brigade in a Rural village

During out visit we were fortunate to meet with many local doctors, nurses and medical volunteers who described the current state of medical care in the country. They informed us that while the facilities they had in place were quite impressive (which we agreed with, we were all very impressed by the modern and cleanly facilities) there is a severe lack of medicines to be distributed within them! This is especially true for poor woman and children who have no ability to pay for necessary medical care. They shared what a blessing it has been to receive these donated medicines as it greatly supplements these facilities to help patients in truly desperate need!

Distributing ASC donated Glasses to those in need

The facilities that we work with provide ASC donated medicines free of charge to individuals who demonstrate the highest levels of need. We are proud to be able to work along side these great medical professionals who care so deeply for their people, especially those less fortunate.  This is all possible thanks to you, Our ASC donors. On behalf of everyone at Aid for Starving Children and the countless children and families whose lives you have helped to change; thank you!



Somalia at Breaking Point, We must Help!

The UN is reporting that over 6 million people in Somalia are in need of food assistance. The situation there is so ominous that humanitarian agencies fear that this drought will be as bad as the one in 2011, when 250,000 people died.

Mothers and young children facing starvation receive food packages from the ASC Emergency Relief Team.

Starved and fearful for their family’s survival, hundreds of thousands of people are wandering across the desert in search of refugee camps where they hope to receive even the smallest bite of food or gulp of water.

The greatest number of Somali refugees has come to the border of Ethiopia to an area called the Somali Region. Here, almost 250,000 people – scores of thousands of men, women and children – are seeking to eek out an existence with scant food or water.

This is where ASC’s Emergency Relief Team was recently dispatched to do all that we can to relieve these people’s sufferings.

ASC Relief Team brings tons of food aid for displaced Somali refugees

The team returned reporting that the conditions there are horrific … that the crisis is at a breaking point.

ASC Team Leader: “There are so many starving children. Some are beyond our help. You can see how death has already taken a hold of their souls. You see it in their pitiful skeleton-like bodies.  You see it in the hollowness of their glazed eyes.”

This is why ASC exists. This is why you send your financial support: to help alleviate the suffering and death of such children as this.

Because of your care, 1000 drought displaced families each received 116 lbs of food aid. Because of your generosity, thousands of people are able to survive these horrific conditions. Because of your love, there are far fewer children facing imminent death.

A heart felt thank you to each of you for helping ASC bring so much aid to so many suffering families!

Monte E Wilson, President ASC