Clear Vision for the Future in El Salvador

Welcome to the brand new Aid for Starving Children Blog! We are all extremely excited to have this new medium to provide you, our caring supporters, with information about our efforts to change lives around the globe! We hope that you will enjoy these exciting updates and hope that you will share this page with your friends and family, or other like minded individuals who care about those less fortunate in our world.

It is only fitting that we begin this new venture with another first for our organization! We are happy to announce that ASC has just successfully acquired and shipped 4,000 pairs of high quality corrective glasses to our partner vision and health clinics in El Salvador! This was a truly incredible opportunity to provide life changing vision correction for children and families in the underprivileged nation– many of whom have lived their entire life with impaired vision!


A simple pair of glasses doesn’t necessarily seem too life altering. However, when you realize that this simple tool will now allow its recipient to work more productively, to learn and receive an education and — quite frankly– make life in general that much easier it can mean a world of difference.


Thank you to all of our caring supporters who donated during our recent CrowdFunding campaign on razoo– it was because of you that we were able to make this dream a reality! To learn more about this great new program  check out our CrowdFunding page here, or to learn more about ASC’s other lifesaving programs visit out website

Thank you for more than 30 years of support!